message from
the managing director

Harness the Spirit of Continuous Improvement


As a member of the automotive industry, our business objective is “to deliver the most competitive prices, provide the most intimate and timely service, and drive the highest customer satisfaction”. The key to achieving our objective depends on how our team harness the Spirit of Continuous Improvement to contribute extraordinary hard work, minimize losses, and realize the highest production quality.

Everyone at FIRST RUBBER is dedicated to take on any challenge that comes our way. First, we are optimistic to face each issue with a welcoming smile. Second, we are passionate to get to the bottom of each matter with a strong desire to learn. Lastly, we are fully prepared to tackle each problem with all our efforts.

We are determined to establish FIRST RUBBER as a trustworthy organization by delivering long-term value to win over customers worldwide. We collaborate closely with our partners through more and more virtuous cycles, to grow continuously and fulfill our mission to conduct sustainable businesses.




Vicky Chiang

Managing Director